Nachi Nagappan

Recent News!

* Aug '19: Our ESEC/FSE 2009 paper "Cross-project Defect Prediction: a Large Scale Experiment on Data vs. Domain vs. Process" won the ESEC/FSE test-of-time award at ESEC/FSE 2019 in Tallin!

* May '19: Our paper "Software Engineering for Machine Learning: A Case Study" won the IEEE SOFTWARE Best paper award at ICSE 2019 SEIP.

* Mar '19: Our paper won the 2nd place in the "Top Ten Computer Science Education Research Papers of the Last 50 Years Recognized at SIGCSE". ACM Press release here.

Welcome to Nachi Nagappan’s homepage

I am a Partner Researcher at Microsoft Research where I work in the Empirical Software Engineering Research Group (ESE) in RiSE. I also hold an adjunct faculty appointment at IIIT New Delhi.

My research interests are in the field of Data Analytics and Machine Learning for Software Engineering focusing on Software Reliability, Software Metrics, Developer Productivity and Analytics for Empirical Software Engineering. I am particularly interested in the application of software measurement theory with ML methods for building parametric models for identifying and understanding relationships between software measures and quality.

My research projects are fairly interdisciplinary and span the spectrum of software analytics ranging from intelligent software design for games; identifying data center reliability to software engineering optimization for energy in mobile devices. My research results have been deployed to several product divisions within Microsoft and have commercially shipped to Microsoft customers as features.More recently my work has focussed on the intersection of SE and AI.

An article in the American Scientist that talks about some of our work!


A copy of my CV can be found here


You can find my recent publications here


You can email me at nachi with n at my employers domain. You can also check any of my papers for my email address.


I am fascinated by Bande dessinées and am into miniature railroad modeling. I work mostly in the HO and G scale. I also dabble around with RC vehicles.